Episode 8: Batter Chatter!

Have you ever repeated a rumor about somebody else? Maybe you were so sure you were right or maybe even someone else told you that it was true. It's easy to jump to conclusions; the problems start when you jump to the wrong conclusion and end up hurting a friend.

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"Ever see a dandelion seed?" (Intro)
"I know exactly what we can bake!...."

For Parents and Teachers

When a pie competition is announced, the bugs all get right to work, each hoping that they'll be the one to bake the winning pie. When Carlos spies Lety meeting with the local chef, and suddenly Fleacia's famous family pie recipe goes missing, he jumps to a far-fetched conclusion which spreads like wildfire.

This episode will teach children the negative results of assuming the worst and the dangers of gossip.

The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar tells the growing up story of Carlos, an ever-curious little caterpillar who often finds himself in one predicament or another. Helped by his Uncle Pedro, a butterfly with a lifetime of experience behind him, Carlos learns many lessons that will help him through his own little journey of life!

Children ages 4 to 10 will enjoy these entertaining adventures done in full 3D animation with great music and Latin flavor!

DVD Features:
  • Language: English & Spanish
  • Subtitles: English & Spanish
  • Scene Selection
  • Extras - Meet the Characters
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