Carlos and friends

Who are my friends?  Click to find out!


As an inquisitive and fun-loving little caterpillar, Carlos is always on the verge of learning something new – though sometimes the hard way!


Loyal, cheerful and always ready to lend a hand, this little ant has been Carlos’ best friend since they were little mites.


Smart, courteous and kind, this little caterpillar is the kind of friend that everyone wants to have! But watch out! Sometimes her temper gets ahead of her caring heart!


Usually jumping to the both the wrong conclusions as well as into hilarious predicaments, Fleacia is a friendly flea with a wonderful disposition and Lety’s best friend!


Sluggy Sluggard III, or “Sluggy” as he is known by his classmates, always gets his way at home, so he figures it should simply be the same at school, on the playground and well… everywhere else! Conniving and contriving, this little slug has things to learn!


Inseparable chum to Sluggy, Weevil is always available to help in any of the devious schemes that Sluggy comes up with. If only Weevil could learn to think for himself, maybe things would go better for him!


A clever little rolly polly who frequently runs around with Carlos and his friends.


Always there to lend a helping hand, or hands, Spidey is a fellow student at the little school that all the bugs attend.

Don Juanito

Father to Carlos, Don Juanito also is Mogan’s town mayor and enjoys creating funny inventions!

Doña Pilar

A wonderful mother to Carlos who cares about her family deeply.

Uncle Pedro

Uncle Pedro is a mentor, guide, and helper to his nephew Carlos.

Doña Delia

Doña Delia is the only teacher at “Los Retoñitos” school. She also loves to dance and sing.

Don Sluggs

Sluggy’s father, Don Sluggs, is a warm-hearted wealthy business-slugg.

Doña Sluggs

Doña Sluggs is a passionate mother who loves to spoil her only son with whatever he wants.


Mogan’s local sheriff, Grasscopper, is a diligent and hard working bug–though at times he is a little too eager to give out tickets!

Padre Ignacio

A kind and warm figure, Padre Ignacio is always ready to help and give charity.


Always on duty, Doc is ready to help out his patients. He also likes to perform magic tricks!


An excellent musician and performer, Rafa is known for his happy melodies.


Owner of “La Doña’s”, one of the finer dining spots in Mogan, she is every bit as friendly as she is latina!


An old acquaintance of Uncle Pedro’s, Emilio is a kind store owner.